Awards Ceremonies & Victory Gifts include:

  • Bible Devotional
  • Parade of Victors (National Championship)
  • Grand Champion Banners & Bows
  • Grand Champion T-Shirt (Boys)
  • 1st Place Bows and Banner (all-star)
  • At-Large Bids
  • Bronze Bids (See Bid page) 
  • Silver Bids (See Bid page) 
  • Gold Bids (See Bid page) 
  • Platinum Full PAID Bids (See Bid page)
  • Back Packs (National Championship)
  • Sunglasses (National Championship)
  • Lei' (National Championship)  
  • Placement Banners (all teams)
  • Athlete Gift - PIN
  • Devotional book (all athletes) 
  • Coaches Gift - Victory COACHES BAG
  • Coaches Gift - Beach Towel (Emerald Nationals 2016)
  • Championship Rings (The ONE FINALS)  
  • Championship Jackets (The ONE FINALS)
  •  Coaches Lunch (during event voucher) 
  • Coaches Dinner (Emerald Coast Allstar Nationals
  • 1st Place Bow - Duo/Trio/Stunt/Individual
  • Alpha & Omega Award  

Competition Gifts & Awards: 

1st Place Bows

Red Carpet (Emerald Nationals)

Best Tumbler/Stunt/Cheerleader Awards at every competition. 

Athlete gifts for every Victory competition

Booklet devotional for all athletes


Athlete gifts including sunglasses & lei's. 

Championship Rings! 

Placement & Grand Champion Banners

Emerald Nationals

Coaches Towels (Emerald Nationals)

Pre-event gifts to: THE ONE FINALS

2nd place awards (Emerald Nationals)

Sunglasses (Emerald Nationals)

Coaches will receive a gift bag including Lunch on Victory & a take home present. 


Emerald Coast All-star Nationals

1st Place Back-packs!