The rebate plans only apply to Bid Qualifying events. 

Frequently asked question: What is the difference between the Instant Credit and End of season rebate? 

Answer: Instant-Credit is upfront competition payment for Upfront savings/revenue on Equipment or Apparel.

AnswerEnd of Season is a pay as the season goes for an end of the year rebate check, or Victory credit with 12% - 30% incentives for Equipment and Apparel. 

Frequently asked question: Does the "The ONE" Finals event count toward my rebate? 

Answer: Since "The ONE" Finals is a multi-brand event, it does not count toward the Victory rebate. 

Frequently asked question: If my team attends Victory's Emerald Coast AllStar Nationals with a full paid bid, does the gym still get a rebate credit for this event? 

Answer: Since Emerald Nationals is a bid earning event (similar to THE ONE FINALS), it does not count toward the Victory rebate.