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Air Floor 4" thickness

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Wow! This is usually the first thing someone says the first time they step on an Air Floor. How can something so thin be so bouncy? The design and construction of the Air Floors is what make the product so unique. The Air Floor is a product that allows athletes to train harder, while still minimizing the risk of injury.


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AirFloor 1:8:19.jpeg

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About the Air Floor

Designed to be used on a spring floor, tumbling strip, carpet foam or panel mats, the Air Floor offers a bouncier rebound than a rod floor. Units are sold with or without Velcro for connectivity. All units ship via UPS and are warrantied for one year. Each unit includes a hand pump. An electric pump is recommended for faster inflation and can be purchased separately. (Not intended for use on hard surfaces.) Cover recommended. 

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