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Air Pit


A dual sided solution for all types of activities. This air-filled product can be used vinyl side up where a flat surface is required or pit side up where the three cavities are also very useful.

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Additional Info

Features include a 4in wide line down the top, and numbers for measuring distance. If you flip it over there are depressions about a foot in diameter. These can be used to play in, or as obstacles to jump over.  Price includes an electric pump.

  • 5ft wide x 10ft long x 2ft high - Air Pit Dimensions

  • 5' x 10' x 8" - Mat Dimensions (RED & Blue)

  • 5' x 10' x 32" - Air Pit + Mat Dimensions

  • Bottom: 28oz knife coated, supported vinyl, 4in non skid material around perimeter

  • Top: 31oz knife coated, supported vinyl, 2in loop Velcro around perimeter