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Have you ever been so close to getting a skill, but just need a little extra height.  Or, maybe your body aches from trying so many times in a row.  If only you  had springs in your feet, right? That’s where the Hot Spot comes in.  It’s small, portable, and gives just the right amount of bounce to help you in lots of ways. 

Available in blue or purple; 3 ft. or 5ft.

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Your program can't have enough of these versatile, compact, air-filled Hot Spots. Experts will tell you how important it is to keep kids busy. Hot Spots can help create multiple stations to accomplish this task. The Hot Spot will give you just enough air time to make the technical corrections you need to improve your skill and is gentle on your body, allowing you to practice your skills over and over without the added stress on your joints. Get rid of that old, heavy Mini Tramp because dive rolls and punch front tucks are a breeze with the Hot Spot!

The Hot Spot features a loop Velcro line for attachment of a variety of manipulatives like our Hands and Feet, Velcro Numbers or our Fun Sticks. Notice the valve is on the side, so there is no worry about jumping on it!

  • 3ft or 5ft in diameter; 4in thick

  • Haulkey Roberts valve located on the side

  • Hot Spot feature a loop Velcro stripe