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Power Launch

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The Power Launch is a nice combination of a compact size (4ft x 6ft) Air Product that is 8 in thick.  It is filled with air and is bouncy and lightweight and can easily be moved around the gym, clinic, or home for a variety of applications.

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The Power Launch is the smallest sized 8in thick Air Floor we offer and includes a denim cover with a center line.  The cover features webbed handles for easy transportation. D-rings on each corner allow you to get creative with how you use it. Use the D-rings to suspend one end creating an inclined surface or strap the Power Launch to a bar to create an instant wall area. The Velcro perimeter on the top allows you to attach many other items, such as the Climbing Wall Overlay, enhancing the versatility of this product. Non-skid material on the bottom keeps the unit from slipping on a hard surfaces. Each unit includes an electric pump.

  • 4ft wide x 6ft long x 8in thick

  • Made with durable, double wall material

  • Bottom features non-skid material

  • 2in loop Velcro is sewn the to top perimeter of the mat 

  • D-rings on each corner 

  • A vinyl flap is located on the side for easy access to the valve for inflation and deflation