Fundamental Package


Fundamental Package


This 4 piece package includes a Mini Bar with a 4'x6’x4" Royal Blue Mini Bar Mat, and an 8' Suede Low Balance Beam with a 4'x6'x1-3/8" Panel Mat. 

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About the Mini Bar:

Mini Bar is a beginning gymnast’s dream. Ours features a solid 1.5" diameter maple wood rail--just right to accommodate younger girls’ smaller hands. Base/frame is made of strong steel tubing with a spreader bar for added rigidity; all joints are welded. Steel surfaces are powder coated and bases are fitted with non-marring rubberized boots.

Bar height can be adjusted from 38” to an unequaled 58” and easily secured using clamping pull pin system. 48” space between uprights permits standard sized matting to be used under the bar .  Weight limit is 100 lbs. The mini bar is useful for kids through level 3 gymnastics.

*IMPORTANT* This portable beginning bar is not designed for kips or big swings. Use this bar only for pull ups, pull overs, and other strength development exercises. Carefully read assembly instructions and all enclosed notices prior to use. Use only under supervised conditions, as unsupervised use is dangerous and should never be permitted.

About the Mini Bar Mat:

Mini Bar Mat measures 4' x 6' x 4" and folds in half for easy storage. Like all our other superb mats, our Mini Bar Mat is covered with durable 18 oz. coated vinyl and filled with 4" thick 70 ILD polyfoam.


About the 8' Low Balance Beam:

This non-warping wood laminate rectangular beam is covered with the same fine synthetic suede as those used in official competition. Unique multidirectional laminate construction resists warping. Top surface is padded with 1/4” closed cell rubber, upholstered and predrilled to fit low legs provided. 

Powder coated steel legs with non-marring rubber pads, hardware and installation instructions are included with each beam. When mounted on bases, beam top surface is 8” above floor. This item ships in two boxes.


About the 4' x 6' x 1-3/8" Panel Mat:

This panel mat is filled with 1-3/8" crosslink polyethylene and is covered in extremely durable 18oz vinyl stitched with dacron thread. Panel mat folds every 2' accordion-style for easy­ storage and transport. This panel mat has 2" hook and loop fastener permanently attached on both 4' sides so multiple mats can be attached end-to-end.

6' length makes this mat perfect for under the beam, mini bar or for floor exercises in general!