Vision: Do you have one?

What is the vision for your gym? Don’t say to win… Everyone who competes, does so with hopes of winning, so winning is not a unique goal. Last week, we covered finding out what is unique about your program and living in your uniqueness.  When we say “vision” we mean the overall motivation behind what you do. If you don’t have a vision, then you don’t have sustainable motivation, guidelines for decision-making, or confidence in your journey.


Sustainable Motivation


Vision is necessary for keeping you motivated when the journey gets tough. Every season coaches and owners going through what we call the “Mid Season Blues”.  This is when the season has been in full swing, you are working those weekend competition hours, your athletes are feeling the stress of doing the same routine week in and week out, the truth is that everyone has found themselves in somewhat of a slump.  Without a vision or direction where will you find the motivation to keep going at 100%?  Your motivation comes from your vision, your vision comes from God, and your focus must remain on your vision if you hope to make it through the fog.

Consider the Apostle Paul. He lists the difficulties of being one called by God to the Apostle’s ministry. Basically, they suffer often for the sake of their mission. His vision was what gave Him the motivation to continue on through hardships, God gave a vision to him, and his focus on God’s vision is what guided him towards the success of his ministry as an Apostle.  (2Corinthians 6:3-10)


Guidelines for Decision Making


How do you make your decisions? It is easy to make decisions on a whim, or guided by circumstance based on what looks good and attractive. Patience is key, and focus is necessary, but a vision from God will guide you to the decisions that will lead to fulfilling your individual purpose (Isaiah 30: 19-21).  With clear vision it is easy to make decisions with a simple question.


“How does this help me towards my overall vision and purpose?”


Keeping your clear vision is important for keeping you accountable in your decisions making and will keep you on the right path for the purpose of your gym.


Confidence In Your Journey


It is hard to be confident while traveling when you have no directions to your destination. It is even harder when you aren’t sure what your destination is. Having a clear vision is necessary to know where you are going and how to get there. Going back to Paul, his journey was one made with great confidence. Not because of who he was, even though he was a man of great education and brought up with everything to get him places. His confidence was in God and following the vision that was given to him by God (Philippians 3:1-11) Getting a clear vision will give you the confidence necessary to walk strong no matter the difficulties that may arise, those difficulties such as the “Mid Season Blues”.


So, here are some ideas on how to make sure you are guided by your vision from God and not your own ideas. (Proverbs 3:5-6)


1.     Get alone in a quiet place and be still. Listen and ask God to provide you with vision, because without it you’re lost. (Proverbs 29:18)

2.     Post it everywhere, make it known, relay it to your staff, and make sure it takes precedence.

3.     When you have your vision, laminate a paper with your vision statement and place it on the center of the table so that any decision made will be done with that in mind.

4.     Hold monthly staff meetings and constantly remind them why you are doing what you do, this will help them walk confidently and with motivation to get through the difficult times. IF THE COACHES ARE MOTIVATED, THE ATHLETES WILL BE MOTIVATED!


Take this week and find the vision God has for your gym. Remember, it’s not going to be about winning, God has much bigger plans than that! Next week, we will talk about mapping out the journey so that you can effectively travel and communicate the vision God gave you.