What Makes You Unique?

What Makes You, You?


One of the challenges of people young and old is keeping what it unique at the forefront of your identity. It is easy for us to fall into the status quo and begin to be shaped into what the world says is acceptable and right. Succumbing to the status quo is a mistake. After all, God made each one of us unique with gifts and talents so that we can accomplish a specific assignment that is particular to your gifts. As a Christian, we have been called to stand out and not conform to that which the world calls the norm; likewise a Christian business must do the same.  Ultimately, that which makes you unique will set you apart from everyone around you.


God Made You Unique – Psalm 139: 13-15


We have all been uniquely woven together by the Master Weaver. In His doing so He gave us an unique calling and created “good works” for us to do since the beginning of time (Ephesians 2:10). The same is true for a business. God has created your gym, on purpose, for a purpose. He gave you a unique personality, and in so doing He has given your gym a unique personality. Trying to fit into what another gym is doing, or even what the “industry standard” says to do will take you away from that unique identity and bring you into line with the standard of the world. God created your gym with a unique personality that will attract the exact athletes that you have been created to serve.



Do Not Conform – Romans 12:2


As a unique creation with a unique mission you have been called to a unique life of nonconforming. It is easy to see what the “big gyms” down the street are doing and try to change your gym’s personality in order to try and compete with them. Doing this is actually not only a disservice to your customers, but also to yourself. When you begin to stray away from the person you were created to be, you become unauthentic which leads to feeling unfulfilled and ultimately affecting how you coach and run your business.


Stand Out


Being uniquely created and refusing to conform to the status quo will cause you to stand out. Standing out is something that most fear, but that is what will set you apart from anyone else around you. So, here are some things to apply to your gym that will help you grow your gym and start meeting your goals.


1.     Find out what makes you, YOU! What has God given you that makes you unique and build your program with that identity and hold strong to those characteristics.

2.     Remember that you were called to do things exactly how God leads. Don’t give in, walk in your standards and morals, just go in His direction and get out of the way. It will be fun to watch HIM work!!

3.    STAND OUT! Focus on being exciting, and be exactly who you were created to be! Standing out will draw attention to you, and ultimately your goal is to glorify God with your gym.

4.    Be like Gideon’s army (Judges 7). Though much smaller in number, they marched forward with confidence knowing that God is leading them to VICTORY.

5.    Don’t compare yourself to anyone else (John 21:20-23). Just like you’ve been called for a specific purpose, so has everyone else. Focus on Christ and His calling for you and your gym.