Vision: Sharing Your Vision

Now that you’ve put together a plan, it’s time to share it. With whom do you share your plan? EVERYONE! You need to share that plan with your staff and your parents. I don’t mean your mom and dad, I mean your customers! Here are a few ideas on how and what to share with the people in your gym.


First things first, call a staff meeting. This meeting needs to consist of everyone, coaches, office staff, recreational staff, pro shop staff, and if you have janitorial staff then call them too. Everyone needs to be in on this vision, because it is going to take everyone to pull it off. Each person has been put there for a reason, and each person is important to complete the task.  Make sure that they all know the vision and understand that they are an intricate part of making the vision a reality. (1 Corinthians 12:12-13)


It is also important to share your vision with everyone who steps foot in the gym. Condense your vision into no more than one sentence. The shorter your vision statement is, the better. You want everyone who talks about your program to be able to explain who you are with as few words as possible. Everyone who joins your program or even enquires should be able to recall quickly the vision statement of your gym and have a good understanding in mere seconds as to the purpose of your existence. Put the vision statement on your website, your banners, your walls in the gym, on your letterhead, everywhere someone looks they need to see your vision statement. Constantly sharing your vision will keep it constantly on everyone’s mind.  Keeping God’s vision for your gym at the forefront of everyone’s thought is important in order to keep them on track and prevent them from falling all over their own ideals. (Proverbs 29:18)


Finally, do not neglect your teams. Your teams are an important part in the fulfillment of your plan. In fact, most of the fruit of your labor will be visible in the lives of your athletes. Get them excited about the vision, bring them in on your plan, show them how important they are to you and to each other, and you will see an incredible change in your program and the effectiveness of your ministry there.






·      Always be casting your vision.

·      Bring everyone on staff in and let them know how important they are to your plan and vision.

·      Let the teams know how important they are by sharing your plan with them.