Foam Blocks "Pits"

6" Foam Blocks for Pit

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Land in a trampoline pit, jump, play, and tumble on the resilient pit foam blocks or gymnastics foam. Give your gymnasts a proper cushion for their landings with our foam cubes. Also great for trampoline pits, these cubes are great replacements for your old ones.

Pit Dimensions:
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Additional Info

Foam block pricing by pit size is set for foam block depth of 3'. Typically foam sits on a trampoline that is approximately 3' off the ground in 6' deep pit.

Pit Dimensions & # of Blocks

15' x 15' x 4': 5,040

15' x 20' x 4': 6,720

20' x 20' x 4':  8,960

For pricing on trampoline bed, hardware and angle iron to create Bungee pit click here.   

Minimum 1 pallet per order. .