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Foam Blocks "Pits"

Vinyl Safety Pit Edging

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Two piece flat sections are filled with 2" thick high density crosslink foam and covered with 18 oz. coated vinyl.

12" wide x 12" deep angle to fully protect and pad pit perimeter along top edge/upper inner wall. Standard sections are 5' long.

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Additional Info

Our original hook and loop fastener system enables pads to be easily installed or removed. 4" wide hook fastener permanently attached to undersides firmly anchors padding to corresponding strips of loop fastener or carpeting mounted to pit top/sides.  

Upon request we can add 2" wide vinyl flaps running the length of each section to enable permanent attachment using screws.

Standard Pit Edge Padding color is Royal Blue.  Other colors are available at no additional charge.

Custom sizes and thicknesses are also available.