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Sweet Spot

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Choose a denim or suede cover which features a non-skid bottom and loops with straps to attach to other equipment. 

  • 36in wide x 46in long x 3in thick.

  • Choose between a denim or suede cover

  • Vinyl flap on top for easy access to valve

  • Non skid material on bottom

  • Straps are sewn into the cover and include a Velcro pocket to fold away when straps are not being used.

Includes a dual action Hand Pump.

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Additional Info

Hit the mark with the Sweet Spot! The Sweet Spot is a training aid that improves rebound off your hands and feet.

A bouncier substitute for traditional sting mats, the Sweet Spot’s small size makes it easy to use around the gym, enhancing stations already set up in your gym. The optional Denim cover features a denim top, a non-skid bottom and loops with straps to attach to other equipment. Suede cover also available.

The Hand Mat is a variation of the original Sweet Spot. It is only 2" thick, which allows it to be placed in front of the vault board and used for round-off entry drills. The markings on the Hand Mat act as visual aids for hand placement (Not intended for use on hard surfaces.) Free Shipping.

SPECIFICATIONS: 36” wide x 47” long x 3” thick. The new Hand Mat is 2" thick (same width and length)

All materials meet CSPIA standards.