Victory 360° Flight Trainer


Victory 360° Flight Trainer

from 299.00

The Victory Package includes:

  • The Victory Stunt (360° Flight Trainer)
  • 1 - Foot Strap
  • 2 - Handle
  • 3 - Resistance Straps


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NEW! If you want your cheerleader to be able to SAFELY practice on the most realistic piece of cheer stunting equipment, then look no further than THE VICTORY STUNT! Balance is the key to a strong, SAFE stunt! Cheerleaders and coaches love the realistic movement the flyer experiences as he or she trains.

The Victory Stunt is an investment in your cheerleader’s future! Your cheerleader can practice SAFELY due to the 3" padded base.

Unique features: 
- Twisting training including: 1/4 up, 1/2 up, full-up and double up. 360° FLIGHT TRAINER
-Challenges flyer to balance
-Made of durable metal
-Non-slip foot rest and base
-Available in 9 colors with a 3" padded base
-Realistic movement due to spring design
- Resistance training