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Hopscotch Mat


Hopscotch Mat combines the fun of hopscotch with the usefulness of a long tumbling mat. On the reverse side, a white line down the center helps kids practice beam skills and long jumps.  

Available in red or purple.

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Additional Info

Tumbl Trak’s Hopscotch Mat helps young children learn basic gymnastic skills through the fun of hopscotch. A white line on the reverse teaches kids beam and long jump skills.  

The Hopscotch Mat is made with highly-durable 18 ounce vinyl and industry-standard crosslink polyethylene foam. Each mat is easily transported and folds into easy-to-manage sections for storage.  (Bean bags are not included.)

  • 3ft wide x 12ft long x 1-3/8in thick

  • 2ft folding panels

  • Foam is crosslink polyethylene foam

  • Vinyl is 18 oz. knife coated vinyl

  • Beam stripe has 1ft gradations

  • Durable dacron thread