Fundamentals Mats

Jack and Jill Mat - 4'x6'x2"


The Jack and Jill Mats are ideal for any young child learning new gymnastics skills or anyone interested in a softer tumbling mat.  When folded, this kids’ tumbling mat is 6" narrower than other mats, making it easier to perform skills over the mat. It's also easier for children to carry!

The combination of soft foam (top layer) and PU foam (bottom layer) provides a safe and forgiving area for kids to learn gymnastics skills like forward and backward rolls, bridges, cartwheels and much more! The non-skid material on the bottom of the mat will prevent it from sliding or moving.

“Jack” is light blue and lime green.

“Jill” is pink and purple.

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Additional Info

  • 6ft long x 4ft wide x 2in thick

  • Four 18in folding panels 

  • 18 ounce vinyl covering

  • 1in soft EVA foam on top

  • 1in polyethylene foam on bottom

  • Dacron thread

  • Velcro flaps to connect two or more mats end-to-end

  • Non skid material on bottom