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Rebound Mat - 5'x10'x2-3/8"

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The Rebound Mat is the ultimate tumbling mat because of an extra layer of a special foam that makes it feel springier than a standard tumbling mat.  It is Tumbl Trak's thickest, most forgiving tumbling and stunt mat.

Available in Red, Purple and Black; 2 sided Velcro or 4 sided velcro.

Velcro Placement:
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Additional Info

We've added a layer of EVA foam on top of Crosslink foam to the Rebound Mat to give it extra lift and rebound. These mats are great for high-end tumbling. Connect two or more together end-to-end to create a longer tumbling surface. The 4 sided Velcro Mats can also be connected side-by-side for larger areas for cheer stunting. Rebound Mats fold into (5) 2ft wide panels and have non-skid material on the bottom. This mat folds for easy storage and is also easy to clean.

  • 5ft wide x 10ft long x 2-3/8in thick

  • Five 2ft wide folding panels

  • 18 oz knife coated vinyl

  • 2 inches of Crosslink Foam with a layer of 1/2 in EVA foam on top

  • Non skid material on bottom