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Victory Skill Set

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Super soft foam that will absorb the energy of the landing and also maintain the mats longevity. 

These mats can be used as individual pieces or they can be stacked together in any combination to create the Victory "Skill Set". The Skill Set is Victory's newest tool to equip coaches and athletes in the progression of drills while creating assurance in landing skills. The Skill set mats can also be utilized at the end of a tumble tramp or Incorporated with the Mini tramp. 

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Victory "Skill Set"

(1) 7'x14'x18" pit mat with tunnel technology. High Pound high density foam. 

(1) 7'x8' folding incline - High Pound high density foam. 

(1) 7'x10'x8" Victory "Soft Spot" with denim cover. 

(1) 7'x10'x4" Victory "Stick it" mat. 


-super soft for use with lighter weight athletes. If you desire a firmer surface add the "Stick it" mat to the top to firm up the surface. This also extends the length of the incline. 

Pit mat:

Internal lattice work allows the pit to be a very forgiving surface for large and small athletes. Mesh sidewalls allow air to escape quickly upon impact. Can also be used with a tumble tramp. 

Soft Spot:

Used as the top surface to give the athlete assurance during rough landings. This mat should be used as the top landing surface in combination with a firmer underlying mat or spring floor surface. The Soft Spot is covered with a denim fabric which is non abrasive to the skin. 

Victory "Stick it" mat:

Used as a firm surface to absorb and support high energy landings. Supports solid skills and landings when the athlete is ready to "Stick it". 

Mats combined together as the "Skill Set". Mats can be layered in any combination and Velcro together so there is no sliding.

•pit mat can be used at the end of a tumble tramp. 

•Add the Stick it mat to firm up landings. 

•Add the incline and Soft Spot when working front punches or arabians or layout full drills. 

-Use the pit mat on top of the spring floor or at the end of the spring floor or rod floor as the base layer for any combination of mats. 

Add the incline for athletesworking on:

•back hand spring jump backs

-Add the stick it mat to increase the height of the stack. Place incline and soft spot on top to maximize height for use with:

•Standing tuck drills 

•Pass tumbling set drills

•Rebound half twist to stomach for introduction to layout full

•Stack two inclines for use in double back timers. 

Victory mats feature solid 18 ounce vinyl coated polyester on top and bottom surfaces with breather mesh sidewalls to permit controlled air venting on impact. (Breather top with solid sidewalls and bottom available at no extra charge but must be ordered over the phone).  Filler material varies according to the thickness of the mat.

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