27' Double Bay Slide


27' Double Bay Slide


What a view! From the top of this 27' Double Lane Water Slide, Wet or Dry Retro. With the last look at your partner before you slide off, see who won at the bottom! Wait for the splash, and make the climb again!

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This slide can be used as a water slide or, turn off the water and it's now a dry slide! All our wet and dry slides have an inflated landing zone for safe use both wet and dry. All our water slides have triple thread seams with an additional glue seam for an optimum seal, to eliminate water from seeping inside. This seal also keeps dirt and sand from damaging the seams which prolongs the life of the slide and play time. The climbing area, top launch platform, and entrance area feature a non slip grip material for a safer experience and peace of mind when used as a water slide. Our wet and dry slides feature a built in misting system, set it and forget it! The splash zone has built in drains on both sides to keep the water level ideal for all ages.

  • Heavy Duty Storage Bag
  • Vinyl Patches
  • Safety Sign
  • Business Card Holder

Ships within 24 hours when in stock.