Mini Pirate Combo


Mini Pirate Combo


The Kids Pirate Combo is perfect for any junior high seas traveler who wants to hunt for buried treasure. Each corner is decorated with a skull and crossbones pirate flag. This kids combo is red and blue with accents of black and comes with a playful pirate scene greeting children above the entry.

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This inflated pirate combo will help kids safely imagine that they are bouncing around the ocean traveling to deserted islands. In order to keep kids secure in their play, the Kids Pirate Combo is screened in. This is what makes it perfect for all the miniature pirate enthusiasts. Also, there is a mini slide for when your children are ready to come back to land.

  • 3' Entrance Ramp
  • Heavy Duty Storage Bag
  • Vinyl Patches
  • Safety Sign
  • Business Card Holder

Ships within 24 hours when in stock.