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Landing Mats

Dismount Landing Mat - In Stock

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Need a mat in a hurry with no time to spare for customization; these mats are in stock and ready to go. Standard color in red and royal blue.

Designed specifically for use with the Tumbl Trak or Porta Trak. This mat attaches securely to the end of either unit with nylon webbing straps.

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71418 2.jpg

Additional Info

Dismount Mat is sent in two separate shipments for more economical shipping costs and to help prevent damage during transit.  One shipment contains 3 separate foam layers and the other shipment contains a box with the vinyl cover and assembly instructions.  Assembly is quick and easy.

  • A multi-density foam filler is covered on the top, sides and bottom with 18 oz. coated vinyl.

  • Nylon mesh breather fabric is located along each side for air escape.