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Pit Mats

8" X 12' Pit Mat

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Victory’s proudly presents the first major advance in pit technology in over 20 years. Unlike every other pit on the market, ours have a totally (and easily) removable top surface using hook and loop fasteners instead of a zipper. Add Ons:

Awesome Feet

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Additional Info

Inserting or replacing foam filler is simply a matter of dropping it into the bottom cover section. Because the top can be pulled taut even after filler loses some of its volume over time, Victory’s pits will never look loose or sloppy. Should you need the top cover section repaired or replaced, it can be removed and shipped to us inexpensively.

DESIGN UPDATE: Practice Pits can now be ordered with either Solid Vinyl Top (breather mesh sides and vinyl bottom) OR Breather Mesh Top (solid vinyl sides and bottom). Please specify when ordering.

CUSTOM SIZES AND/OR COLOR COMBINATIONS AVAILABLE! Please call or email us for pricing.