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Mini Bar is a beginning gymnast’s dream. Compare ours to others on the market and you'll know why Mini Bar has been so well received. Ours features a solid 1.5" diameter maple wood rail--just right to accommodate younger girls’ smaller hands. Base/frame is made of strong steel tubing with a spreader bar for added rigidity; all joints are welded. Steel surfaces are powder coated and bases are fitted with non-marring rubberized boots.

3 bar height adjustments at 38", 48" and 58" tall are easily secured using clamping pull pin system. 48” space between uprights permits standard sized matting to be used under the bar (no need to buy an expensive custom size).


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 Capture It Sports Gymnastics Photography
 Capture It Sports Gymnastics Photography

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Mobile gym operators and parents love Norbert's Mini Bar because it's so easy to put it up, take it down and put it away.  New design!  Our Mini Bar can now be assembled by one person.  This video shows you how!

Weight limit is 100 lbs. The mini bar is useful for kids through level 3 gymnastics.

*IMPORTANT* This portable beginning bar is not designed for kips or big swings. Use this bar only for pull ups, pull overs, and other strength development exercises. Carefully read assembly instructions and all enclosed notices prior to use. Use only under supervised conditions, as unsupervised use is dangerous and should never be permitted.

Consists of two 2" webbing straps, a pair of 6" diameter solid wood round hand rings and connection hardware. Connection points are shrouded to restrict user access.

Mini Bar Ring Set Can be used with any mini bar. Rings are smaller than traditional official wooden rings so they comfortably fit young user’s hands. Straps are approximately 24" long.