Pre-School Fundamentals

Poly Trapezoid Topper

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This mat will make it so much easier to teach squat on and straddle on for vaulting event. Place Trapezoid Topper on a raised folded panel mat or a trapezoid. Place a circle in the front and the POLY STOP SIGN in the back. Student will stand on circle and place their hands on the purple hands, then they will either jump their feet to green for a squat on or the orange for a straddle on. Then they will stand up, walk to the star feet together jump to a stick it position on the POLY STOP SIGN. As the students progress, then you can put the Trapezoid Topper onto a spotting block or two trapezoids and students can do running squat and straddle on's with the springboard using the POLY ONE FOOT, TWO FEET WITH SPIDER and STOP SIGN for the landing.

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