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Our Zig Zag Jump is so much fun for your students to use in a circuit rotation. Instructors can help them learn to jump the pattern by indentifying each farm animal or using the color of the feet. It is great for learning jumping, proper landing positions and balance through movement. They can jump the pattern forward or challenge themselves jumping the pattern backwards. Easy to use with no moving parts

Jump Half Turn Front to Back: Now your students can progress from jumping 1/2 turn side to side to jumping front to back 1/2 turn. The shapes help to direct them as they jump. Now your students can practice this skill on their own with no moving parts. They can see the pattern and learn it more easily. The starting star is where they begin to jump to the first set of feet.

Jump Half Turn Side to Side: Your students will love this mat. The students now progress to jumping and turning their bodies side to side. This will help them learn balance through movement. The fruit is a great way to direct them and also learn vocabulary. The instructor can stay at their spotting station and still direct the student if they need help. The starting star is where they begin to jump to the first set of feet.

Line Up Mat: This is a mat you can use on all of your events. The colored feet and numbers help to direct the students and keep them actively moving forward as the class progresses. No more losing their place in line or wandering off. This mat can also be used as a jumping mat in your circuit rotations as they name the color of feet or recognizing their numbers. Lots of fun and learning for all ages.  Mat has numbers 1-12. For larger classes a 13-24 mat also available.

Long Jump Mat: This mat is a winner! Students can challenge themselves to see how far they can jump. This mat is a circuit they can do on their own or it can be used for a bean bag or success ball toss. Instructors can have students do a friendly competition.

Froggie Jump: Our Froggie Jump mat is great for your students to use as an independent circuit. They can follow each step 1-2-3 on their own. There are no moving parts and the kids have a blast seeing how high they can jump. The froggie jump skill helps develop leg muscles, endurance and conditioning.

Strong Body Hold Mat: Strong Body Hold is a great upper body and core strengthening tool for your students. This mat challenges the students to hold their body weight in a push-up position with a variety of exercise options.

Strong Body Walk Mat: Strong Body Walk teaches your students to walk themselves back and forth in a push up position across the mat to increase strength, balance and agility. Simply stand on blue or purple feet and squat down placing hands on bridge. Then walk hands across the bridge to blue or purple hands. Stay in push up position and walk sideways following line. Don't let your tummy touch Freddy or Eddy the sharks. When you get to the end your can either walk hands back across the bridge and stand up or go back the other direction for a more challenging exercise.

Feet Everywhere Mat: Feet Everywhere has your students jumping 16 different directions as they follow the colored feet pattern. It is great for combining color recognition, balance through movement and cognitive learning. We help the little ones by calling out each color and the older students like to try it all on their own. 

Jump Quarter Turn: This mat will definitely challenge your students to make sure they turn the same direction each time they jump. The colorful animals are a good way to direct the students through the patten. The colored feet help the students see exactly where they need to go. Be sure to have students jump both directions. The starting star is where they begin to jump to the first set of feet.

Beginning Hopscotch: Your students will have a lot of fun on this mat. The littlest ones can begin with jumping forward on the brightly colored feet. Then as they progress, they can jump the pattern backwards. The star is where they begin and the instructor can direct them by calling out the different colors of feet. This is a great independent circuit for your students.