The rebate plans only apply to Bid Qualifying events. 

Frequently asked question: What is the difference between the Instant Credit and End of season rebate/Credit? 

Answer: Instant-Credit is upfront competition payment for Upfront savings/revenue on Equipment or Apparel.

AnswerEnd of Season is a pay as the season goes for an end of the year rebate towards purchases with 12%  incentives for Equipment and Apparel. Or Victory Credit towards purchases of Equipment and Apparel for programs that only attend 1 Victory Event.

Frequently asked question: Does the "The ONE" Finals event count toward my rebate? 

Answer: Since "The ONE" Finals is a multi-brand event, it does not count toward the Victory rebate. 

Frequently asked question: If my team attends Victory's Emerald Coast AllStar Nationals with a full paid bid, does the gym still get a rebate credit for this event? 

Answer: Since Emerald Nationals is a bid earning event (similar to THE ONE FINALS), it does not count toward the Victory rebate. 

Frequently asked question: How does Equipment/Apparel purchases help me with competition fees?

Answer: When you purchase products with Victory Athletics, 5% of the total amount of your product purchases goes towards up to 50% of your Victory Event Fees. (Only the amount of products) 

Frequently asked question: Can I pay my balance on the day of Competition?

Answer: No. All Competition Fees are due 10 days prior to the Competition date. This ensures Victory has enough Bows, Medals, Banners, Etc... have been ordered and your team name is on the Competition Tee.