Production times


Please note the following manufacturing and order processing times for Victory. These times can increase based on demand. Some items are in-stock. 

  • Spring Floors & Carpet Bonded foam: 12-21 business days
  • Vinyl Mats: 10-12 weeks (Inclines, Landing mats Some sizes in-stock
  • Uniforms: 10-12 weeks
  • Team Apparel: 4 - 7 weeks
  • Bags & footwear: 2 - 6 weeks
  • Apparatus: 3-7 weeks
  • Air Floor & Tumble Tracks: - 1-3 Weeks
  • Replacement Beds & Foam Pits: 4-6 weeks

To get more information on production time and shipment call 855-827-7474.


Once your package ships we will send you a notification email. Production times are as follows:

Vinyl Products (Inclines, Landing mats etc.) 12 weeks Carpet Bonded foam 3-4 weeks Spring floors 3-4 weeks Trampolines 4-6 weeks Some items are in-stock depending on size and color.


REMEMBER You are responsible for unloading and inspecting for possible damage before signing the delivery receipt. Inspect for Damage, Count the pieces and Confirm the quantity on the delivery receipt before you sign the delivery receipt. If you fail to inspect for damage or verify the quantity before signing and find damage or a shortage later - WE CAN NOT HELP YOU! The carrier will claim no responsibility.

Damage can and does happen! IF THERE IS DAMAGE REFUSE ONLY THE DAMAGED PIECES. They will be returned to our warehouse for repair and claims You will receive your undamaged merchandise quicker this way without having to pay for new items while you wait for a claim to go through. If you choose to keep the damaged items and file the claim yourself, note it on the drivers delivery receipt. If possible be specific. If you cannot tell if there is damage to the merchandise, but the carton or packaging is torn - NOTE: POSSIBLE DAMAGE! - be specific in describing the carton or packaging. YOU MUST SAVE THE PACKAGING: WITHOUT PACKAGING DAMAGE CLAIMS WILL BE DENIED! Keep your copy of the freight bill!

Ask your driver for the phone number of the OSD(Overage, Shortage, Damage) department of your delivering carrier. Call immediately to have an inspector come by your location and fill out an inspection report. IMPORTANT! YOU ONLY HAVE 3 DAYS TO REPORT DAMAGE! We appreciate your business and hope that you have been satisfied with our service. For questions or to report damage please call 1-855-827-7474.