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Constant Tension Bar

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The Constant Tension Bars (CTB) are designed to use for training as well as making it possible to keep tension while making width adjustments.

  • Meets all FIG and NCAA® specifications

  • Footprint is reduced to only 12' x 7' (3.7m x 2.1m)  from 18' x 13' (5.5m x 4.9m), which is 64% reduction in floor space

  • Release one loadbinder and easily remove the low rail. The upper rail still remains stable and usable as a single bar, high bar, or strap bar

  • The high bar adjusts from 92 ½" (235cm) to 102 5/8" (265cm)  

  • The low bar adjusts from 61" (155cm) to 72 7/8" (185cm)

  • Bar width adjusts from 95cm to 192 cm

  • Graphite X & E rails

  • Uprights are chrome-plated, while the bases are finished in powder-coated navy blue metallic

  • Includes floor anchors & tie down system

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Constant Tension Bar - One Side Released.jpg
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Additional Info

CTB Conversion Kit Includes: (4) replacement spin locks with shorter handle to avoid cable interference, (6) floor anchors, (6) cable tie-downs, (2) long cables for rear uprights, (1) long cable for rear uprights with turnbuckle, (1) long cable for rear uprights with loadbinder, (1) short cable for front upright, and (1) short cable for front uprights with loadbinder.